Testimonials - What People Are Saying About Pam

Attended the SCORE seminar today and it was great. I love your training style!
Beverly Santicola, President and CEO of US Government Grants

Pam, You were so wonderful yesterday! The comments I received from the people leaving were overwhelming and so very appreciative. I will certainly have to recruit you to be a SCORE volunteer when you sell your business for zillions!
Beth Shapiro, SCORE Houston

Your service and product – the end result have made many grateful.
Colin Kucera, Hayward Pool Products

Pam, thanks for all of your and your teams hard work at helping us be more visible. You all have been very professional and timely and helpful in offering us solutions and suggestions as we add to our marketing efforts! I will highly recommend all of your services as it continues to be a terrific relationship between our businesses. Kudos!!
Chris Ferriss

I attended two of your classes which I enjoyed very much and learned a lot. Thank you so much for sharing!
Ann M. Chapman, Integrity Pool Repair

Pam, thanks for your informative presentation. You have given me a lot to consider.
Alan Burnett

Excellent class today. Thanks for all the help.
Brian Rawson, Blue Lagoon Pools of Texas

Thank you for the presentation today.
Jordan Demeter, Spartan Pools and Ponds

Your presentation was great and of course makes so much sense. Let’s talk!
Dolphin Pool Supply and Service, Inc., Dallas, TX

Thanks for your speech you gave today! It really hit home. We better get busy!
Brent, Emerald Pool and Patio

Thank you so much for teaching the course – I truly feel that you should have a full day course that covers both of your classes so people can get the max out of them!
Scott Ball, CPR

Pam was excellent Power Panel Speaker. Her comments by her were valid and educational.
Builders Power Panel at EXPO 2011

Pam, thanks for sharing the secrets of Social Media and how it effects our businesses. You Rock Girl!
A Fan!

Pam, I appreciate the great class you put on! I also enjoyed brainstorming in the restaurant! You know small business!
Scott Loutner

I would like for you to know how much I enjoy attending your classes each year at the show. I always learn so much I did not know. Thanks for your participation.
Joni S. Ortiz, Apiscina Pools

I had the privilege of seeing your Facebook seminar in Atlanta and got a lot out of it. I thought your seminar was great and look forward to seeing again.
Colin Jennings, A&A Pools in Knoxville TN

I want to commend you on doing such a great job of corralling all of the information and presenting it in the limited time that you had allotted. 
Russ Peterman, Johnson Custom Pools

Your table was pretty much the hardest to get close to, but I’m so glad I got to talk to you. I appreciated your class on Thursday and I pretty much understand why my phone’s not ringing like it used to. I feel like there’s a train leaving the station that I’d better climb aboard. I will be in touch as soon as I can, and I look forward to working with you. I’m really glad Carecraft has brought you on board.
David Rockwell, Liquid Paradise Pools

I was so glad to get to talk to you again one on one and to hear your talk; it was, as I knew it would be, very informative and interesting. You are very good on stage, you get people’s attention and keep it. You have a very fast moving, interesting and I am sure very rewarding job. Looking forward to next time! I want to let you know how much I appreciate your support and relationship with Carecraft, and for you taking your time out of your busy schedule to come to the annual meeting and support it. Without the strong support we get from the vendors we could not possibly have such a strong buying group, which is good for both vendors and Carecraft members. Thanks again!!
Doug Mayhall, All Seasons, Orland park, IL

Pam, you taught us a great deal at the Swimming Pools and Spa show this year. You are a genius, and we are very grateful for all you shared.
Beushausen Pools, Inc.

What a great wealth of information you are today. I really appreciate the message and the level you presented it. Most of us thought we were Pool Builders but after today we realize that we need to be so much more….. Thanks for turning on the light. I look forward to learning more.
Chuck Baumann, Creative Environments

First, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your sessions last week at the SW Pool and Spa show in San Antonio. I got a lot of great info from the classes and have already started putting some of them into practice. I very much appreciate the jam packed sessions and having them taught in such a manner helps me get a much quicker understanding and confidence to know I can do these things in our own office.
Crystal Vallery, Pools Unlimited

I attended both of your social media presentations at the Mid America Show in Schaumburg, IL. I really enjoyed your presentations. I found the content very useful for our swimming pool maintenance company.
Mary Lane, The Pool Boys in White Heath, IL