What a great Wealth of information you are today.I really appreciate the messege and the level you presented it. Most of us thought we were Pool Builders but after today we realize that we need to be so much more.... Thanks for turning on the light.I look forward to learning more. - Chuck Baumann, Creative Environments

Positioning businesses for digital media marketing success on the small screen.

In today’s socially driven, mobile-enabled, media rich and SEO-focused marketing age, it’s all about marketing smarter. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to content marketing, and the picturesque brochures and the “in your face” marketing tactics popularized in the ’90s are a thing of the past. Even though today’s customers have desensitized themselves to old-school marketing strategies, the need for information is still great. And Pam Vinje knows how to position businesses for digital media marketing success on the small screen.

The launch of Small Screen Producer, Pam’s digital media and inbound marketing agency, allowed Pam the ability to help businesses — from tech start-ups and small businesses and manufacturers to non-profit organizations — bridge the gap between the consumer and business in an effort to develop a total Web presence that is both sticky and viral. Since being honored by Hubspot as an Honors Distinguished Partner, SSP is now equipped to help companies with inbound marketing strategies that lead to increased traffic, more conversions, and ultimately, more sales.

Pam’s passion for marketing translates cohesively as she speaks to businesses across the country, empowering them in the realm of search engine optimization, social media and content marketing. In addition to personalized speaking engagements, Pam and SSP offer clients customized company webinars to give businesses the tools needed to enhance their presence — be it through interactive Web sites, video, social media marketing and dynamic search engine strategies.

Pam has established Small Screen Producer as the go-to agency that is committed to helping small and mid-sized businesses understand and implement content marketing strategies that maximize their Web presence, and she wants to share that knowledge with you. It’s time to market smarter. To book Pam to speak at your event, contact us.