Grant Heuke, Action Landscape

Pam, Thank you for your lectures and insight this past week in Nashville. I cannot tell you enough how well informed your presentation was/is. It was vital information for our office as we are building a new website and putting effort into our Web presence/ reputation. We have always been a company of word of

Kristen Dvorak, The National Plasterers Council

NPC’s 29th Annual Conference in San Diego was a great success, and I want to let you know how much we appreciate your dedication to the Council and your commitment to making sure it was a success. Thank you so much for your participation. We received great feedback from attendees!

Beushausen Pools, Inc.

Pam, you taught us a great deal at the Swimming Pools and Spa show this year. You are a genius, and we are very grateful for all you shared.

Crystal Vallery, Pools Unlimited

First, I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your sessions last week at the SW Pool and Spa show in San Antonio. I got a lot of great info from the classes and have already started putting some of them into practice.

Doug Mayhall, All Seasons

I was so glad to get to talk to you again one on one and to hear your talk, it was, as I knew it would be, very informative and interesting. You are very good on stage, you get people’s attention and keep it.

Colin Jennings, A&A Pools

I had the privilege of seeing your Facebook seminar in Atlanta and got a lot out of it. I was wondering if I could get a worksheet or a copy of the PowerPoint presentation to help me through the process. I wish there had been more time so you could of covered everything you had

Mary Lane, The Pool Boys

I attended both of your social media presentations at the Mid America Show in Schaumburg, IL. I really enjoyed your presentations. I found the content very useful for our swimming pool maintenance company.

Chuck Baumann, Creative Environments

What a great wealth of information you are today. I really appreciate the message and the level you presented it. Most of us thought we were Pool Builders but after today we realize that we need to be so much more….. Thanks for turning on the light. I look forward to learning more.