4 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Pool & Spa Companies

The holiday shopping season is a busy time for everyone. This year, everything has become more unpredictable due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With more customers shopping from home than ever before, now is the time for pool and spa companies to take advantage of online sales opportunities. But with so much competition online, it can be tough to make yourself stand out with fresh holiday marketing ideas. 

Here we’ll dive into some ways you can boost your pool and spa business this holiday season.

1. Reward Your Best Customers with Early-Buy Specials

To make your customers feel special and let them know you care, try giving them exclusive offers and early access deals. You can show your existing clients that you value their patronage more than ever by offering discounts and early-buy deals throughout the shopping season.

How to Reward Your Customers

  • Email Campaigns – send an email campaign offering exclusive discounts, promotions, or events just for your most valued customers
  • Social Media – spread the word about your early-bird deals on social media to create a buzz before the holiday season kicks off
  • Reward Customers That Engage – beyond rewarding your early-buy customers, offer discounts and exclusive deals to customers that engage with your business online

2. Offer Holiday Bundles to Upsell

Everyone wants to get more for their money. Bundling some of your best products together is a great way to offer value and increase your average sales amount during the holiday season. By providing bundled products at reduced rates, you’ll increase the number of sales you get and boost your average order value (AOV). An attractive bundle offer might also give shoppers on the fence the incentive they need to commit. 

How to Offer Holiday Bundles

  • Make them Relevant – bundle products that go well together and promote them on your website and social media
  • Promote Popular Products – recognize your best-selling products and pair them with corresponding products to create an even better opportunity
  • Name Your Bundles – name your bundles (you can even give them a unique hashtag) to get people talking about your items on social media 

3. Offer Relevant and Valuable Upsells

Just like bundles, upsells are great for increasing your AOV. These are complementary products added on to an order and are often related to the initial purchase. For example, when you sell a pool or a hot tub, you can offer a discount on water care products or service subscriptions.

Not only will upselling increase your sales, but it will also increase customer satisfaction because you’re providing customers what they need. 

How to Offer Relevant Upsells

  • Free Gifts – offer customers a gift when they upgrade their purchase. 
  • Make It Relevant – give buyers the chance to add relevant items to their order at checkout. 
  • Use the Entire Buying Cycle – you don’t have to upsell only during the checkout process. You can pepper promotions for similar products throughout the entire customer journey to capture shoppers at different stages.

4. Get Expert Help

Using a professional marketing service can bring you a significant return on investment. At Small Screen Producer’s Pool Marketing Site, we are the industry’s leading digital marketing experts for pool and spa companies. 

We can help your business grow with anything from monthly marketing plans, building a new website, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, video production services, and much more.

Using these holiday marketing ideas, your pool and spa company can make the most of the season and maximize your sales going into the new year.

Contact us today to start growing your pool and spa business!

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