Why Directory Listings are Important to Your Business

All companies, especially startups and small businesses, need to secure and manage their online directory listing. Without accurate and optimized directory listings, it will be hard for potential customers to find your business online, costing you money. Also, optimized and accurate directory listings will improve your website SEO and bring more leads to your website. Read More

Google Ads Click Fraud: A Quick Insight

If you have a pool and spa business and pay a fortune for marketing, you likely spend a significant chunk of it on pay-per-click advertising for a good reason – it’s highly effective. PPC marketing enables you to stick to a marketing budget because you are not paying unless your campaign works well. But what Read More

What Are Google Search Ads or PPC Ads?

Digital advertising has become the norm when promoting a business in the modern world. Even local companies are turning to online promotional strategies to attract more customers. The term “digital marketing” can refer to a wide range of advertising strategies. Some are free, and others cost money – such as Google search ads.  In a Read More

The Basics of Facebook Marketing in 2020

Your potential customers are searching for pool and spa businesses on Facebook. With a solid Facebook Marketing strategy, you can connect with more customers and grow your brand awareness. Facebook Marketing is an essential part of any business in 2020. 2.4 billion people use Facebook every month, and two-thirds of Facebook users visit local business Read More

Quick Guide to Facebook Ads

1.6 billion people are connected to small businesses on Facebook. More than two billion people use Facebook every month. With this level of reach, every pool and spa business should already have a presence on Facebook. The platform allows you to reach any audience you want, at any time. Creating effective Facebook Ads for your Read More

Instagram Checkout: Everything You Need to Know

Instagram Checkout is now available to retailers in the US! The Checkout feature allows customers to purchase without ever leaving the Instagram app. Now users will enjoy a streamlined process to convert Instagram followers into loyal customers. Here we explore Instagram’s new Checkout feature and how your business can benefit. What is Instagram Checkout? Instagram Read More

Pivot Your Pool & Spa Business for Success in 2021

COVID-19 has made consumers shop online more than ever before, even for large purchases like pools and spas. Even if many customers make their final purchase in-store, half of all retail sales begin with online research. And that figure is expected to rise to 58% by 2022. Now is the perfect time to prepare your Read More

The Ultimate Online Pool Shopping Experience

Online pool shopping is starting to grow up. Consumer buying habits have been changing for years. But after the chaos of 2020, every business should prepare for a new online pool shopping experience.  Create Your Online Pool Shopping Journey Customers expect an online shopping experience that is convenient and user-friendly. Offer your customers a complete Read More

Why Video Marketing is Here to Stay

How often do you hear about the “hottest new trend in marketing”? With so many new trends coming out all the time, you might be a bit skeptical about which ones are here to stay. You read about a new trend and think to yourself, “That will never last.” And you’re probably right most of Read More