Could Your Pool Business Be Getting More from SMS Marketing?

Unlike large corporations, which can afford to spend huge amounts of funds on marketing, small businesses like pool businesses may need to employ more cost-effective and simpler methods, such as SMS marketing.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a kind of marketing in which organizations send promotional messages directly to clients through text messaging.

You can still refer to SMS marketing, in other words, as text message marketing.  

Is SMS marketing worth it for your small pool business?

Yes, text message marketing is all worth it for small business operators.

The 2022 SMS marketing statistics confirmed that up to 75% of consumers have expressed that they wish to receive SMS from companies. In fact, 30% of customers will respond to a text message from a brand by making a purchase.

This is quite a big number, right?

If you aren’t already sending the SMS out, you might be missing out on a significant portion of your market. Below is a list of benefits that you can reap from SMS marketing as a small business owner:

1. Boost customer engagement

Text messages may be used for many different purposes, including directing clients to your website and social media feeds, as well as many more.

This type of interaction makes it easy and convenient to get people more involved with your brand and with each other.

2. Establish rapport with consumers

People check their cell phones every four minutes on average. SMS marketing takes advantage of this huge chance and keeps your brand in people’s minds. It also lets you send them targeted messages when they check their phones.

It is also an easy way to talk to people, especially in this age of digitalization, which is good for digital marketing.

3. Provide prompt client service.

If you use a chatbot as a component of your SMS marketing solution, you may be ready to answer client queries outside of work hours. This high degree of service facilitates the development of strong client relationships.

4. Personalize advertising messaging

Obviously, one of the primary functions of SMS marketing is to inform customers about seasonal and personalized news, such as the addition of fresh inventory to the website or the end-of-season discount. You become rather clever with SMS marketing when it comes to sending the correct messages to the right target segments at the right time.

5. Make use of preferences to segment messages.

You may utilize preferences obtained via SMS messaging to target your text messages more precisely, which is a great illustration of how well SMS marketing can work effectively. For instance, if you have acquired a customer’s color or product preferences via text, you can use that information to replace portions of a new stock or sale message with dynamic graphics that represent those tastes.

6. Simple and effective

Text messaging is a simpler method for small companies to contact their clients directly and advertise their brand without spending a lot of time and effort, especially when used with automation tools. It’s easier than content marketing because there are no complicated steps or graphics.

7. Cost-effective

With cheap bulk texting services, pool businesses can now send deals, promotions, and other information to some or all of their customers at once.

How do you use SMS marketing?

The way you use SMS marketing determines whether your business will reap maximum benefits from SMS marketing or not.

To get started with SMS marketing in the most efficient way, you will need to follow the following four-step procedure:

1. Obtain a list of clients with whom you may communicate

In the United States and Canada, it is illegal to text someone without their express consent. Before sending an SMS marketing campaign, verify that the recipients on your list have agreed to receive messages. Remove anyone whose authorization status cannot be validated. Using loyalty software, you may gather consumer information and assure compliance.

2. Utilize a tool for message transmission

You will need software to automate your message-sending process. Automation allows for easy and fast sending of SMS to a larger mass, and this is also a perfect form of promotional marketing. There are various businesses that specialize primarily in SMS marketing, but you can also use an effective platform like Lightspeed Loyalty.

 A distinct SMS marketing system may require you to enter a list of client contact information and would track campaign statistics independently of any other marketing efforts. Choosing a reward program that interacts with your POS system allows you to gather information, manage statistics, and send campaigns from the same location where you process sales.

3. Craft the message

There is no need to make each SMS message as lengthy as a newsletter. The shorter, the better. Also, be sure to provide a clear call to action and an easy mechanism for consumers to unsubscribe if they no longer want to hear from you (opt-outs are required by law).

4. Track results

Follow up on the response to a communication after it has been sent. Count how many times the message’s link was clicked on. If you created a unique promo code for your SMS campaign, track how many people used it and how much money you earned off of those purchases. Check these numbers against the number of texts you really sent.

SMS Marketing Techniques to Consider

Now that you understand that your pool business is getting more from SMS marketing and understand the right procedure to take, do you know the right time to send the SMS to your customers?

Welcome Messages

Similar to a welcome email, consider sending a welcome text message to a consumer who has just joined your loyalty program. You may also provide a special discount to new sign-ups to promote repeat purchases.

New Product Introductions

As soon as you upload new products to your storefront or website, implement an SMS campaign to notify customers that they may begin shopping. This is a wonderful method for generating interest and traffic for new products. We recommend doing this once every season; otherwise, you risk spamming your consumers.

Flash Sales

Flash discounts are an excellent method for rewarding clients who have joined your loyalty program. Inform your consumers of a limited-time deal that they can only access by SMS. Giving customers an exclusive first peek or sale is a terrific way to demonstrate that you respect their company.

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In Conclusion: Where to Get Started

If you’re all-in on text message marketing, or want to revitalize your campaign, that can be easier said than done. Everything sounds easy until you try and do it – and that’s where our team comes in. We have a highly-skilled team of pool marketing professionals ready to help you dive in, no matter what your current needs are. If you need help, you should get it – reach out and schedule a consultation with our team, and we’ll help you launch your text messaging

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