How to Gain Facebook Followers for Small Businesses

Facebook is a hub of activities. There’s no shortage of content from unofficial high school reunions to tons of business pages to keep people occupied there. There are about 1.79 billion people on Facebook EVERY DAY [1]. Sadly, opening a Facebook business page does not mean 1 million people will see your posts daily. You still need followers if you want to reach potential customers. But with so many options, how do small businesses gain Facebook followers? Here we’ll go over why your business needs Facebook followers and what you can do to attract more.

Why Do Small Businesses Need Facebook Followers?

Small businesses need Facebook followers to increase the odds of converting leads into paying customers. Without paying for ads, Facebook followers can be a great way to connect with your prospects and encourage them to make a purchase. 

How Small Businesses Can Gain More Followers on Facebook 

1. Build a genuine online community 

Fake or ‘bought’ followers are not real prospective clients and will not engage with your posts. Buying followers could potentially hurt your business’s image and more. However, creating valuable content will attract real people to your Page who might follow you, thereby building a genuine community. 

2. Promote Your Facebook Page 

Start putting the word out about your Facebook Page on your website, other social media platforms, or blogs. Get your Facebook button out there for people to see it. The more potential customers are aware of your Page, the more will follow you.

3. Join Relevant Groups 

Beyond building your own community, your small business can join a community of like-minded companies or individuals. People in these groups are likely to be real users and not ghost followers. Engaging with the group and giving relevant input will make people come back to your Page and click the follow button. 

4. Run Facebook Ads 

Facebook Ads are an excellent way to increase the number of followers your small business has. Target your ads to ensure that the people who see it are likely to be interested in your business. An ad that’s interesting to your target groups will often be enough to warrant a follow [2]. 

5. Invite People to Follow from Your Subscriber or Customer List 

Your existing customers may be the most likely people to follow your business. Send some friendly and welcoming email invites to make it easier for them to follow you.

6. Offer Discounts or Incentives

10% off for followers” does sound like a pretty good deal. Offering some discounts for followers will increase the number of followers your business has. Another option is hosting giveaways to promote your Page. 

Pro-tip: Keep your Facebook page search engine optimized so people can find it.

At Small Screen Producer and The Pool Marketing Site, we have all the tools to optimize your Facebook page and boost your followers. We also offer digital advertising services so you can maximize sales from your followers. 

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