Marketing Automation for Local Small Businesses

Marketing is the cord that connects a business to its clients. No matter how world-transforming and life-changing your products or services are, you’d still require effective marketing strategies to generate leads and maintain profits. Over the years, marketing automation has become a useful tool for managing client base, not just for medium-to-large-scale businesses, but more recently, also for small enterprises. 

It merely involves the use of technology to grow prospects into customers. It improves on good old manual marketing methods as well as provides:

  • Newer strategies for lead nurturing
  • Customer engagement
  • Measurements of responses
  • Analysis of methods used

Advantages of Marketing Automation

Saves valuable time

When marketers automate repetitive tasks and workflows, it creates more time to focus on more complex, strategic tasks and plans.

For an understaffed business, marketing automation relieves personnel of time-consuming and tedious manual duties. It can allow you to reduce overhead and scale your business efficiently – increasingly important in a time with labor and inventory shortages.

Improves customer experience

A prospect is more likely to take desired actions when there’s a personalized touch to your marketing. As the client base increases more and more, it becomes more and more challenging to maintain personal contact using traditional marketing.  

Automation helps to accurately address the needs of prospects and customers at different stages. Imagine sending a welcome message to the same customer every time or losing touch with an established customer. They may get annoyed and walk away from doing business with you. However, with an appropriate marketing automation package, issues of this nature are easily avoided and customer experience optimized.

Increases leads

Several people may argue that setting up marketing automation systems is expensive for small businesses. However, with the right strategies in place, it would only serve as an investment to boost lead generation and ultimately increase sales and profit.

It makes for smooth workflow 

Marketing automation provides better customer management, data preservation, and organization.

How to use marketing automation for your small business

Let’s imagine you’re the owner of a home improvement or backyard living business, and you’d like to increase your customer base.

Here are a few things you could do –

Figure out your goals

The first thing you need to do is to determine your marketing goals and targets for the business. You’ll need to have a deep understanding of who your target customers are. What their interests are, and how you can reach them.

Create an engaging lead magnet.

Entice your prospects with content that addresses their needs. Having a website is necessary because it provides a medium through which leads can reach you and presents your business as professional.

Images and videos are better at retaining viewer interest. You can create a YouTube channel providing video descriptions of your home renovations and customer experience.

You can also create a relevant ebook, for example, Planning the Perfect Spa. Offer this for free and advertise on your various social media handles, especially amongst your target groups. 

Anyone that wants to download would have to provide their email address and other relevant personal data, which you could use to personalize your dealings with them – a great way of ensuring your leads are converted to customers.

Converting your prospective clients to actual customers

After getting your prospects, the next task is to convert them to customers and to maintain them. Determine the aspects of your marketing that can be automated and do this. Use the automation software that best suits your needs. 

Sort your prospects and customers into different stages of commitment. Provide relevant content to engage each stage from time to time.

Track your performance to fine-tune your methods

Analyze your methods. Which ones yielded the highest number of results? Maximize them. Which ones didn’t do so well? Find a better way to make them work.

Marketing automation is crucial for home improvement and backyard companies who want to reduce their overhead and make their business scalable for the coming years.

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