Become the Top Pool and Spa Company in Your Area

The pool and spa industry is saturated. Lots of companies are active both online and offline. That doesn’t bode well for newcomers, nor can it be good for established businesses. Becoming the top pool and spa company in your area might sound like a real challenge.

Fortunately, with the right effort you can change the narrative and take you to the top spot in the industry for your region. 

What can you do to become the top pool and spa company in your local community? 

It’s simple – pool and spa digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is one sure-fire way to attract more clients to your local business. The reach of digital marketing is vast and can be useful in nearly any industry. 

Your best bet for making it work for you is to use strategies that target potential customers in your area. 

Here are a few strategies you can try 

1. Use Google Ads 

Google Ads are an excellent way to increase ROI for your pool and spa business. Running an online advertising campaign should be seen as an investment. You can take this a step further by using Google Analytics to develop a targeted strategy to ensure your ad is optimized to the most relevant audience. 

If you want to maximize your efficiency with Google Ads and get the most for your money, ask about our professional Google Ads Management Services for the pool & spa industry.

2. Think Google… again 

For a small business, Google is a goldmine of opportunities. You can use Google Analytics, Google search console, and Google My Business. These work to ensure you have maximum visibility for your local business.

For instance, Google My Business is essential for managing your online presence. Google is often the first point of call for people in need of information. Without a Google My Business account, customers searching on Google may not see your business at all.

An incredible 97% of people get information on local companies online. Capitalize on this and grow your pool and spa business. 

3. Boost your brand’s visibility with SEO 

SEO can be a great tool to boost visibility using simple and often free web strategies. To use Google SEO successfully and maximize its potential, here’s what you should do:

  • Use long-tail keywords. For instance, you could use “Install in-ground pools in your backyard” in place of “install pools.” Keywords like these will fit more naturally into your content and have a higher conversion rate. 
  • Also, try to create a blog and make sure you structure your content correctly. Blogs help companies receive up to 97% more clicks to their website.  

4. Create a user-friendly website for your pool and spa company 

Your website should be mobile-friendly with an intuitive interface. Up to 70% of people get information on products online with their smartphones and go on to make purchases. 

Run this number against the 5.11 billion mobile phone users on the planet, and the prospects are massive. 

If you need help building a user-friendly pool and spa website, we’ve got you covered. Check out our SmartFlow Websites to see how you can increase your profits and productivity by turning your website into a 24/7 salesperson.

5. Use social media 

It’s vital to use ads that push your product to the appropriate audience across the various social media platforms out there. 

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will help you greatly in your quest to become the top dog in the pool and spa business for your area. 

A few tips to remember here:

  • Ensure whatever you put out there is engaging and high-quality, be it blog posts, pictures, or videos of your products.  
  • Optimize the likes and shares on your social media ads. 
  • Use the appropriate tools meant for each platform. 
  • Add a link to your website on your social media and vice versa.

If you need help with your content marketing, check out our Monthly Marketing Plans starting at just $33/day!

6. Control your online reputation

Reviews influence 88% of consumers in discovering a local business, and 43% of shoppers require a 4-star average rating to even consider doing business with you. With all-in-one reputation management services like Internet Reputation Protector, you can automatically collect and respond to reviews, control your directory listings, and consolidate your customer chat. This will help you improve and maintain your online reputation, ensuring that customers feel confident working with you.A digital advertising strategy will only work if you identify your specific goals and create tactics that best suit them. Our agency specializes in doing precisely this for pool and spa/hot tub businesses. Reach out to us today for more information.

About Small Screen Producer

Small Screen Producer is dedicated to designing and creating your company’s total web and online presence. As the leading innovator of digital media in the pool and spa industry, we have the experience to capitalize on your unique strengths to help your business succeed. Our goal is to help you Position, Pursue, Promote, and Protect your business.

We offer a complete line of digital marketing solutions to custom pool builders and pool and spa retailers. These include website design, website development, Google Ad services, Facebook and Instagram Ad services, lead generation tools, email marketing, social media management, reputation management, content marketing, technical services, blog services, copywriting, and comprehensive monthly plans to take your online marketing and advertising off to the next level and off your to-do list.  

Contact us today to learn more about boosting your company’s revenue through our four pillars of success that will Position, Pursue, Promote, and Protect your business. 

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