Do Instagram Stories Matter?

Do Instagram stories matter to small businesses?

We’ve got two answers for you – the short answer and the long one.

Short answer? Yes, it matters. 

The Long Answer  

We’ve given this question a big yes already. Now, we’ll get to the why.

It has something to do with the 500 million people who use Instagram Stories daily. As a swimming pool and hot tub business owner, this is great news for you if you can capitalize on it. 

You can also drive organic traffic to your website through this feature. Using Instagram Stories results in better lead conversion with the actual clients who are also using this feature. 

This works because 75% of Instagram users click on the link to a website or even purchase an item they see on Instagram ads. 

Instagram Stories is among the best strategies to deploy on this app for digital advertising. With the vast number of accounts using Instagram Stories daily, you’ll be sure to drive more sales by investing in an ad strategy there. 

Regardless of the number of followers you have, Instagram Stories will still work great for you as long as you use smart, sales-driving features. 

Here are a few strategies you could try out for your small business 

1. Use engagement boosting features 

These could be stickers, hashtags, and links. Stickers are particularly great here. For instance, a poll (poll stickers) on ‘in-ground versus above-ground pools’ posts will get many people interested. Afterward, you can direct them to your pool and hot tub website to boost sales. 

2. Go live 

This assures you of instant engagement on your Stories. Make it exciting and work to answer as many questions as you can from the audience.  

Pro-tip: Try to give prior notice of when you intend to go live so you give people enough notice to tune in.

3. Promote heavily 

Countdown stickers, time-sensitive offers, giveaways, and other events will come in handy here. You can also use it to highlight sales on your website or feed. The goal is to get as many people as possible to see it. 

4. Make it easy for your clients 

Instagram Stories support the use of product stickers. Use them often; a click on them provides all the necessary information on a product. Also, use the ones that can lead a customer directly to your Instagram shop or website. Alternatively, add a link to the website on your Story. 

There’s a lot more you could do with Instagram Stories. You could even use it to notify your viewers of when you’ve made a new post on your feed.  

Whatever you do, keep it engaging and exciting. At Small Screen Producer’s Pool Marketing Site, we have a team of experienced pool and spa marketing professionals who know how to create content that your customers will love. Reach out to us for help with all of your digital marketing needs!

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