How to Generate and Sustain Interest on Social Media During Winter Months

Every business has an offseason – the dreaded time of year when a business either closes down entirely or is forced to reduce operations due to the season’s demands and fluctuations. This is often during winter for pool and spa businesses since cooler weather drives people to close their pools or reduce their use. As a pool or spa business owner, what can you do about this offseason to sustain interest? Lucky for you, we’ve got great tips you could use to generate interest during the winter months using social media. 

Why social media? 

Sales are probably low already during this time of year. Aggressive and costly marketing strategies are not likely to have equal ROI. Social media provides a low-cost way to keep your leads and customers engaged with your business, even when they aren’t as likely to make a purchase. This will keep you front-of-mind for when the busy season comes around again.

Read on to find out how to maximize social media interest to boost your pool and hot tub business

1. Stay connected to your customers 

What is social media if not a platform for you and other people to keep in touch? People can either come across your page by chance, or you can put out targeted ads so that your post pops up on their feed. 

Post updates and other content relevant to your business to increase social media interest. Make it enjoyable so that your followers look forward to the next season. 

2. Offers and giveaways 

Come up with some limited time offers or giveaways for the season. A sense of urgency will make people more likely to go for it. The same goes for giveaways. Put in special requirements that promote your business before people can qualify.

3. Use the appropriate tools 

With social media, sometimes a little goes a long way. In that same vein, a little can go the “wrong” way. Each social media platform has some strategies that work best for it. 

Take Instagram, for instance. Marketing tools abound here. From IGTV, IG Reels, and IG shopping to IG support small business stickers, you have lots of options for which tool(s) to use here. The same goes for other social media platforms. 

4. Get selfless

Educate your clients on how they can maintain their pools during the winter season. This will most likely increase their loyalty to you and get you more sales when things pick up. It doesn’t have to revolve around sales – education and support can help during the down seasons to keep your brand front of mind.

5. Get convincing 

Consider giving them a few expert tips on maximizing their pool despite being cold, from getting a heater to doing other “non-swimming” activities with the pool. That way, they can still patronize your business this season.

6. Offer other services

Being in the pool and spa business goes beyond selling swimming pools and hot tubs. 

Other services such as cleaning, maintenance, and sale of accessories are possible here. Diversify your portfolio and let your followers know. You can also set up an e-commerce site to sell your products online, even when your business is closed.

The above tips should help you stay afloat regardless of traffic drying up a bit. You could also seek professional help in digital/social media marketing for your pool and spa business. At Small Screen Producer’s Pool Marketing Site, we can help you stay on top of your social media, blogs, and more with our Monthly Marketing Plans

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