How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

Facebook is the king of social media with over 2 billion active users per month. Businesses are not slacking when it comes to this app. Within just the first quarter of 2020, Facebook generated a whopping $17.44 billion in ad revenue. When you optimize your Facebook Ads, you’ll get more out of the opportunities that this platform can offer.

Facebook Ads can reach quite a high number of people and generate leads. Converting these leads into actual clients is a whole other ball game. 

Here are some quick tips to help pool and spa businesses optimize their Facebook Ads. 

1. Create engaging posts 

You could lose potential clients by making boring posts. Only people who went in search of that product or service might stick around. In just 2.6 seconds, a user’s eyes can land on an area of a site that informs their impression the most. 

Therefore, an ad must be engaging, exciting, but still educative to capture and hold people’s attention.

2. Use a call-to-action 

A strong call-to-action (CTA) could make a potential client click on an ad link. Use direct phrases such as, “Buy now, Find the best, Click on, Sign up,” and more. Also, consider using a bit of light-hearted humor, maybe some puns, but nothing corny. 

3. Optimize the likes and shares on your ads

Have you ever wondered how some small business pages get thousands of likes or shares on a post? They probably used the “use existing post” option to set up their ad instead of the “create new ads” option. Using an existing post that performed well in the past is an excellent Facebook ad optimization strategy that you should try. 

4. Use performance analytics  

Some efforts end up being just that – efforts, while others yield fruits. A business on Facebook can check out their performance metrics to see what they’re doing – right or wrong. Analytics can also help you figure out what days, times, or placement contributes to your conversions the most. 

5. Choose the right target audience 

Every business has its clientele. It’s best to focus on your specific target audience rather than going all over the place and quite possibly missing your real clients. First, set up the appropriate demographics and tailor the ads to their specific nature. Next, figure out the interests of your audience and target those interests. 

Facebook users make for great customers. But they can only buy from you if they can find you and if you can get them to stay on your site.  

At Small Screen Producer’s Pool Marketing Site, we can help you create and manage Facebook Ads that work for your small business. 

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