New Features for Local Businesses on Google My Business

Did you know that 46% of all Google searches are for local information? Most online searches on Google often lead to organic leads, which may result in actual conversions. Also, 97% of people find out the necessary information about a local business online before visiting in person. As a local pool and spa company, your best bet for getting your business out there is with Google My Business

Google My Business is an excellent tool that businesses, local or otherwise, can use to manage their online Google presence. From data management to organic customer interaction, with Google My Business, you’re sure to launch your brand far beyond what a simple Google search would have achieved. 

Getting started with Google My Business 

Using this Google tool is as simple as signing up on the Google My Business page and following the prompts to register. Once the business is verified, you can go ahead and optimize your online presence.  

Latest Google My Business Features  

1. Separate addresses 

Say an address doesn’t apply to your local business – you can easily edit to separate it since “service area” and “storefront addresses” on Google My Business can now be separated. That way, you can connect with your potential customers in need of a local service or local business offer.

2. Updates to local service ad attributes 

This is particularly great for local businesses that provide home improvement services, such as swimming pool builders or hot tub retailers. If a business needs to make their local area the target for prospective customers, this update is for them. You can use the latest local service ads feature to share essential information with your clients on your business to reassure them of your unwavering and reliable standards.  

3. Extra formats  

Beyond text files and documents, Google My Business has rolled out a new feature that lets you use visual content for your Google My Business listings. You can now upload videos and images that are relevant to your brand on your Google My Business. 

4. New attributes and displays 

This can be considered a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Traditionally, attributes here are tailored to people visiting the location. However, the pandemic has caused an increase in the need for online services. Everyone is searching for a way to enhance their web presence and digitize their business. 

The latest attributes featured on Google My Business include online care, online appointments, online estimates, and online classes. Find a way to tailor this to your niche and highlight the most relevant parts of your company. 

Google isn’t slowing down. They keep rolling out new features and updates to help small businesses thrive during trying times. It’s great because people are paying attention to your online presence. Optimize it and help your business succeed.

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