6 Facebook Ads Strategy Tips for Pool & Spa Companies

A lot has been said about Facebook and its business potential. Beyond connecting with long lost friends and loved ones, Facebook is a hub of beneficial activities, at least for people who take the necessary steps to maximize their opportunities. Building your Facebook Ads strategy is an important step for any small business, and can help you make the most out of your marketing budget.

Facebook Ads can be your window to the online business world. However, you must develop a plan to reap the benefits of Facebook Ads, from creation to launch. 

Are you a small business owner dealing in pools and spas? Would you like to create productive Facebook Ads that reach your target audience? 

Here are 6 great Facebook Ads strategy tips you can implement –

1. Determine your goals

Not having a goal in mind for your small business can be a costly mistake. You may get a few things right, but there’s a risk of losing out on potential leads without a clear strategy in place. 

With a good Facebook Ads strategy, small businesses can achieve goals such as:

  • Building brand awareness 
  • Generating leads 
  • Increasing local sales 
  • Growing online sales 
  • Promoting their apps
  • Retargeting old customers

Choose your goal(s) and work towards achieving them. 

2. Choose your audience 

If your goal at the moment is to generate leads, Facebook helps you go beyond that. You get to generate organic leads and convert them into customers in a relatively straightforward process. Use the ‘Audience Insights’ tool offered by Facebook to explore a wide range of potential clients. 

3. Study your audience 

This is akin to studying people’s purchasing behavior. You get limitless opportunities and categories to learn from, based on the users’ offline purchasing data. It’s left for you to figure out a way to use these to suit your business. 

A quick suggestionbuild a solid CRM database with your audience information. This provides you with a bank of data that can prove useful when launching Facebook Ads. 

4. Create your ads

Start by naming your Facebook Ad campaign. Then set up your ad account and choose a placement.

Set a budget and schedule for your ad. At this point, you’re ready to create the app. Beyond traditional photos and videos, mix and match other Facebook Ad formats such as stories, carousel, slideshows collection, instance experiences, and message inbox ads.

Big-ticket items such as swimming pools and spas often require visually appealing ads to sell. Be sure to provide attractive images or videos to get your customers’ attention. 

Pro tips:

  1. Choose internal and external placements for your ads.
  2. Don’t limit your ad to one type of device.
  3. Optimize them for both desktop and mobile devices. 

5. Optimize your ads

Facebook has over 2.7 billion monthly active users – a gold mine just waiting for you. However, the ads only have as much value as your strategy lets them. 

To optimize your Facebook Ads, create ad funnels. With these, you get to engage meaningfully with your audience at different stages of the funnel. Also, make your posts engaging and exciting. This will help catch your audience’s attention and keep it. 

6. Track your performance 

“Ad fatigue” is a real thing. The goal should be to keep them effective and able to convert leads for as long as possible. Use the “Ads Reporting” tool by Facebook to do this. You could also run different tests to see which perform better. Do this at a small scale and then go all out with your winning ad. Keep an eye on your ad and track its progress, so it provides a significant ROI. 

With Facebook, the possibilities are endless. All you have to do is use them wisely. Follow the tips above, and you’ll be sure to achieve your advertising goals.

If you want expert help for achieving a high-performance Facebook Ad strategy and improve your ROI, contact us today!

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