Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends in 2021

2020 has been a crazy year, with the pandemic and all, but it also saw over 376 million new social media users. With this came some trends in social media marketing. At least, despite the tough times, online businesses are booming. 

2021 is finally here. If you’re going to market your pool and spa business on social media successfully, you must be fully aware of the trends and how to navigate the industry. 

Here are our top picks of 2021 social media marketing trends 

1. SEO for Instagram 

You’re probably used to Google SEO (search engine optimization) for websites. That is still very much in vogue. However, beyond hashtags and such, Instagram has picked up on SEO and uses it rather well. 

How does SEO work for Instagram?

Unlike Google SEO, which gets you on a good SERP (search engine results page), Instagram with SEO becomes more search-friendly. You don’t need hashtags to get a specific set of results. Just include a keyword, and relevant posts or accounts will appear. 

As a small business owner, you can use this to your advantage by adding relevant keywords to your captions. Also, post relevant content regularly. These steps will let Instagram categorize your account and help you show up on relevant searches. 

2. A shift to online shops 

Expect more brick-and-mortar stores to embrace the shift to e-commerce. Online shopping will become even more prominent on apps like Instagram. Add the ‘new normal’ situation where there are fewer opportunities for physical stores to thrive and see why 2021 will herald a new dawn for online businesses. 

Instagram is taking the lead in this regard. The popular platform has added great new features for small businesses to use, including Instagram Checkout for businesses, Instagram shopping carts for IGTV, and even Instagram Reels. You’ve got lots of options for how to maximize this app for your pool and hot tub business. 

3. More personalized Facebook ads

You probably know all about performance tracking and analytics. Facebook took things a step further and came up with ad funnels that help you build relevant ads at each stage of the funnel. Now, Facebook Ads have grown to include a somewhat similar trend. 

Think of it as a back-to-basics trend. Here, marketers prioritize Customer Lifecycle Management. This involves identifying various stages of the customer’s life cycle – Reach, Acquisition, Conversion, Retention, and Loyalty. Then, they create relevant ad funnels that fit into each of these stages.

4. The rise of videos 

Different formats of creating digital content abound. These include text files, pictures, audio, and videos. However, video content will take the crown by 2021. Different social media platforms are rolling out tools that embody this fully. Think IG Reels, IGTV, TikTok videos, YouTube videos, and more. 

According to Cisco, by 2022, 82% of all online content will be in video form. Get your cameras out, go over to the poolside or hot tub, and shoot a couple of videos as part of your ad strategy.

5. Online communities

A great way to create an organic client base and monetize your business is by creating an online community. With the evolution of online companies and the millions of social media users, it’s no surprise that online businesses are thriving. Online communities provide a great way to share knowledge and bring people with common interests together. 

2021 will provide abundant opportunities for businesses using social media. Capitalize on this and work towards being part of the moving train now. 

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